Introducing the Drops for Life Program

Zagaya is pleased to take part in a new program, Drops for Life. We plan to deliver malaria treatments to two of our distinguished partners: the Healthstore, specifically their work in various regions of Kenya, and JLM, a pharmaceutical distribution company operating to increase the access of pediatric malaria services in Uganda. Both of these partners support a network of health workers and clinics.

clinic mission upclose

The mission statement of one of the clinics supported by the Healthstore, written on the outside of the building for all to see.

This program is made possible with the help of our long term partner, Amyris. Technology used by them to develop semi-synthetic artemisinin became the precursor to Neossance® Squalane, an alternative emollient created in response to the prevalent use of squalane derived from shark liver in cosmetic products. This has resulted in Biossance, a skincare line. And with the launch of their most recent moisturizer, The Revitalizer, the company has promised $1 to Zagaya for every bottle sold. Get your bottle today or donate directly to the program!

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