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The supply chain for artemisinin, the key drug in artemisinin combination therapies (ACTs), is complex and challenging.




30% of needed supply of artemisinin is produced semi-synthetically by Sanofi, while the remainder must come from A. annua plant extraction.




Will the crop supply enough material for global demand?




Zagaya is working to ensure affordable access of these life-saving drugs for all in need.


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Gearing up for World Malaria Day

What is the annual Bay Area World Malaria Day? Learn about the history here. Also make sure to check out the 2014 Bay Area World Malaria Day Symposium Highlights.

The 2015 symposium is fast approaching—we can’t wait and hopefully you can’t either!


Everyone Cares

Human life has value, and no one wants others to die unnecessarily. Malaria has been eliminated in so much of our globe already (maps courtesy UCSF Global Health group), that we know global elimination is close. Make a difference in the fight against malaria; collaborate, partner and share our knowledge for a malaria-free world! Learn more




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